Your Body, Your Home.


Your Body Pilates is the premier boutique Fletcher Pilates® studio in Reno, Nevada! Pilates is for EVERY BODY and at Your Body Pilates, we take pride in our ability to work with a variety of clients through in-person and virtual private, duet, and small group Pilates lessons.

To move well is to be well and it is our mission at Your Body Pilates to help you feel more in touch with, empowered by, and at home in your body.

Pilates is a movement program designed to improve the overall health and well-being of the human body. At Your Body Pilates we proudly teach a style of Pilates evolved from the source known as the Fletcher Pilates® Method. Consistency manifests the best results and it is our goal at Your Body Pilates to help you stay committed so you can embody your unique movement potential. 

After all: Your body is your home and YOUR BODY deserves to thrive.

Additional Offerings

Pilates party

Booked by you for you, this is an opportunity for you and your friends, office, family, wedding party, etc. to work out first and socialize after. We can host this event or travel to you! Contact us for more information.

Free community class

This class is free of charge and occurs once a month. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot!

Upcoming classes:

  • July 16th @ 10am
  • August 13th @ 10am
  • September 10th @ 10am
  • October 8th @ 10am
  • November 12th @ 10am
  • December 10th @ 10am

We have the desire for our community offerings to grow and expand throughout Washoe County and beyond. Have an idea and want to collaborate? Please reach out to let us know you’re interested!

What our clients are saying

I love my regular practice with Gretchen! I used to think Pilates wasn’t for me because so many instructors weren’t inclusive of different body types. Gretchen really changed my perspective. She takes great care to adjust to my needs, injuries and guide me through challenging (but AMAZING!) Pilates sessions.


Mia B.

Gretchen is an expert Pilates teacher and will focus on your specific needs and requirements. She has taught me about alignment and is correcting my posture as a cyclist. You feel like you are being trained by a professional dancer because you are. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and professional with little ego and a great sense of humor. She has a natural grace and athleticism and she can relate Pilates to all sports for cross-training and body awareness. Her classes are fun and equally engaging for the beginner and advanced student.

Jim Z.

Gretchen is a wonderful Pilates instructor. She pays close attention to the individual needs of your body. I came to her with aches and pains in my shoulder and neck. She was able to help me resolve those within a few sessions. I really look forward to my weekly sessions with her.


Jennifer L.

I love Gretchen! I’ve learned so much from her over the year+ we’ve worked together. She is a WONDERFUL teacher, and an amazing person!!

Samuel S.

Gretchen is amazing!!! I was looking for someone with excellent skill who can really observe with great detail how I’m using my body. I had a disc injury and knew I needed to take recovery very seriously. I’m happy to say Gretchen saw me through this and really helped me tune in to the exercises to lengthen my spine and allow me to work in a way to prevent injury from coming up again. Gretchen is a dancer and body enthusiast. Being a dancer myself I highly respect her life experiences and body awareness. Work with her! You will not regret it 😉

Rebecca F.

Gretchen works parts of my body that I didn’t even know I had. In working with her I am more functionally mobile now than I have ever been…. sure could have utilized her skills in my 20’s and 30’s.

Pete R.

Gretchen is a rare master trainer with precision, intuition, & perfection.

Joan Madson M.

Gretchen listens extremely well — to my words & body — and builds a responsive program. She’s also really accessible for questions between sessions. Overall, just has a positive attitude, a lot of knowledge, and is a pleasure to spend time with.

Heather L.

I appreciate how Gretchen was aware of my body’s nuances. She was able to assess how different muscle groups were compensating for others and based her instruction around this.

Nicole C.

Gretchen is very knowledgeable and a great pilates instructor. This is my first time taking 1:1 classes and I already learned so much from her and will continue to get lessons. Thanks Gretchen!

Sue K.

I’m new to reformer pilates, I’ve taken a few private sessions with Gretchen and I’m also attending her group reformer class. Gretchen is an awesome teacher, she pays extremely close attention to what works for me and communicates in a way that helps me understand how I need to adjust. Gretchen is approachable and professional – I highly recommend hiring her today!

Elise B.

Gretchen is an outstanding Pilates trainer. She is very patient and mindful of her client’s limitations, while gently encouraging growth and progress. Highly recommended.

Rebecca R.

Gretchen is an amazing, talented, Pilates instructor and coach! She has innate ability to recognize how and where to focus for the most beneficial result. Beautifully trained in Fletcher Pilates, she radiates good energy and a positive approach at each session. I feel taller, more flexible, and stronger with every appointment. With every session there is a new take-away and fresh awareness of mind-body.

Pat W.

Gretchen’s personal 1:1 pilates instruction has really helped in the healing of my back. She uses her extensive knowledge of anatomy and pilates to provide rigorous yet gentle therapy. I am very grateful for the help she has given me and the knowledge she has imparted. I highly recommend her instruction.

Richard M.

I feel privileged to have started my Fletcher Pilates journey with a professional, insightful and dedicated teacher/guide as Gretchen LaWall.  I was introduced to the Fletcher approach through her Mat & Fletcher Towel Course and immediately noticed an increased awareness in my movement throughout the day.  I was instantly hooked, and Gretchen complied with my request to develop a customized program that considered my scoliosis, and a personalized workout that has challenged both my mind and body to new levels and accelerated my learning process.

Tracy R.

Take a Virtual Studio Tour!
Want to check out our studio before coming in for your first appointment? Our virtual tour gives you a look inside the Your Body Pilates studio where you can check out our equipment, reception area, items for sale, and more!
Take a Virtual Studio Tour!
Want to check out our studio before coming in for your first appointment? Our virtual tour gives you a look inside the Your Body Pilates studio where you can check out our equipment, reception area, items for sale, and more!